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Social Media Can Help You Find The Right Candidates

As a digital marketing and social media specialist, recruiters often ask me how they can develop their online presence. My answer always centers around being authentic to your personal brand. In the world of social media, “uniqueness” is a golden ticket toward success. It is important that recruiters use social media platforms to highlight their skill sets and showcase their personalities.

Many recruiters have access to the same jobs as other recruiters around the country. I believe that the easiest way for recruiters to separate themselves from their competition is to create a unique personal brand online. Personal branding is especially relevant when it comes to attracting potential candidates. Potential candidates will love the opportunity to connect with the person that they will be working with to find their next career move. Candidates and recruiters will have the chance to connect with similar interest, personal experiences, and backgrounds without even speaking with one another. When the time comes to connect on the phone, the rapport will already be established and building trust in one another will be that much easier. In addition, personal branding allows our recruiters to have the opportunity to increase AB Staffing’s brand value and online presence as well. Furthermore, recruiters can use social media sites to display jobs that will attract the type of talent and skills that they are looking for to fill their current positions.

Here are some ideas for AB Staffing recruiters on things to post online:

What Is A Typical Day In Healthcare Recruiting?
What makes Healthcare recruiting different than other types of recruiting?

What’s it like to work at AB Staffing?
Give people an inside glimpse inside your world.

What Is Our Company Culture At AB Staffing?
Do you love working for AB Staffing? Tell people why.

What makes our company culture unique?
Let people know what is like to work at AB Staffing.

What’s Going On In the Healthcare Recruiting Industry?
The people that you a recruiting will likely be interested in this information.

What’s Going On In The Travel Nursing or Locum Tenens Industry?
Let people know what you know about the industry.

How-To Information
How to write a killer healthcare resume. How to nail a healthcare interview.

Ask Your Audience Questions
What’s your best interview tip?

Post Job Openings
Don’t forget that social media is ultimately a recruiting tool. Have a job opening? Post it!

Social media is a great tool and asset that can make a huge impact on your effectiveness as a business professional. Learning how to use social media tools isn’t complicated. But it does take time and consistency. It also takes a willingness to experiment until you find out what works for you and the people you’re trying to engage.

Charela Lee is the Digital Marketing Manager for AB Staffing. She has worked in social media and digital marketing for the past six years and BA in Broadcast Journalism, an MA in Arts and Humanities and a certificate in digital marketing from Harvard University.

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